1. Were you under 15 when you started playing EE?
  2. Have you played EE for more than one year?
  3. ... More than 3?
  4. … 5?
  5. … 10?
  6. Have you ever played a stairs level?
  7. ...more than once?
  8. ...for fun?
  9. ...for the code?
  10. Have you ever trolled a world?
  11. ...because you didn't like the owner?
  12. ...because you were bored?
  13. Have you ever invented a mini?
  14. Have you ever sketched out a world on paper/in another application before building it?
  15. Did you have a favorite player?
  16. ...favorite crew?
  17. Do you have more than 500 energy?
  18. ...more than 1000?
  19. ...more than 3000?
  20. Have you cleaned out the Shop?
  21. ...including Classics?
  22. ...including Big Spender/diamond?
  23. ...multiple diamonds?
  24. Have you beaten more than ten campaigns?
  25. ...20 campaigns?
  26. …30?
  27. ...including The Worst?
  28. Do you have worlds that you're still proud of?
  29. Do you have a favorite block package?
  30. Have you maxed out your friends list?
  31. Have you made more than one account?
  32. ...more than five?
  33. ...more than ten? (seek help)
  34. Have you ever won a contest?
  35. ...more than once?
  36. Do you have more than 10 people on your friends list?
  37. ...more than 25?
  38. ...more than 50?
  39. Have you ever made videos about EE?
  40. ...streamed?
  41. Have you changed your username?
  42. ...more than once?
  43. ...for a fresh start/to lose a bad reputation?

  44. META?

  45. Have you ever been a staff member?
  46. ...more than once?
  47. ...on multiple platforms? (forums, game, official discords… subreddits...)
  48. Do you have more than 500 forum posts?
  49. ...more than 1000?
  50. ...any you cringe at today?
  51. Have you posted your picture on the forums before?
  52. Have you played non-EE games with people from EE?
  53. ...and still had it be EE related? (custom cards in pretend you’re xyzzy, words in skribbl.io, etc)
  54. Do you edit the wiki?
  55. ...to the point where you’re an admin?
  56. Have you ever suggested something that later became an update?


    Have you ever…

  58. ...used WPE Pro?
  59. ...downloaded a bot for EE?
  60. ...claimed something created by a bot as your own work?
  61. ...developed a bot for EE?
  62. ...made a remake?
  63. ...“hacked” EE?
  64. ...created a library like Botbits, etc for EE? ***
  65. ...done any of the above and then became a developer?


  67. Have you ever played EE in school/during work?
  68. ...when you were supposed to be doing (school)work?
  69. ...participated in drama while at school/work?
  70. Have you ever stayed up past midnight playing EE?
  71. ...4 AM?
  72. Do you consider people you know primarily through EE to be real friends?
  73. Have you ever introduced anyone you know to EE?
  74. ...and they made an account?
  75. ...and they became an active community member?
  76. ...and they became more active than you?
  77. Have you explained what EE is to your parents or guardians?
  78. Have you ever met anyone from EE in real life?
  79. Have you ever had a relationship with someone from EE?
  80. ...gone sexual?
  81. ...in real life????!!!! o_o
  82. Do you know what Coldstorm was?
  83. ...Tinychat?
  84. Have you ever put anything EE-related on your resume?
  85. ...and gotten the job?
  86. Have you ever sent or received physical cards/items to/from EE staff or players?
  87. ...and got Fanboy I for it?
  88. ...Fanboy II?
  89. Have you gotten drunk/high and played EE before?
  90. …while underage?
  91. Have you skipped real life events (such as boat trips) to take care of EE business/drama?
  92. ...while NOT being staff?


  94. Have you ever been involved in community drama?
  95. ...more than five times?
  96. ...that resulted in official punishment for someone?
  97. Have you ever falsified screenshots?
  98. ...or purposely taken things out of context?
  99. Have you ever had to confront a staff member personally?
  100. ...and got in trouble (fired/banned) for it?
  101. Have you ever gotten someone demoted?
  102. Have you ever been banned (games, forums, official communities)?
  103. ...more than once?
  104. ...more than five times?
  105. ...for longer than 3 days?
  106. …permanently (or was permanent at the time)?